Personal Data Privacy Policy

The terms of this Privacy Policy regulate the processing of the client’s personal data if a client uses the services provided on the website (hereinafter referred to as “PICKUPS4X4”). The clients’ personal data are essential for clients to use the PICKUPS4X4 services. Personal data means information related to an identified or identifiable person (hereinafter referred to as “Client”). Processing includes collection, storage, modification, recovery, use, publication, disclosure by transfer, as well as erasing or destruction of the Client’s personal data. Personal data processing shall be performed only with the consent of a Client, except when the right or obligation to process such data is provided for by the legislation.

PICKUPS4X4 protects the Client data by complying with the relevant rules of safety and confidentiality. PICKUPS4X4 applies the necessary organizational, physical, information and communication safety technologies to protect the Client data.

    PICKUPS4X4 processes the Client’s personal data for the following purposes: to fulfill the contractual obligations to a Client; to increase the service quality; to perform marketing activities; to fulfill the statutory legal responsibilities set out under the law, as well as to justify the legal interest.

    1. Fulfillment of the Contractual Obligations to a Client
      PICKUPS4X4 processes the Client’s personal data to fulfill the contractual obligation, namely:

      • to execute an order (particularly to communicate with a Client; to transfer instructions related to a Client’s order, payment for products, product delivery, product return, and implementation of warranty)
      • to notify of the order status (particularly to remit documents related to the purchased product(s), for example, an invoice, technical documentation, guarantee documents and so on).
    2. Performance of Marketing Activities
      PICKUPS4X4 processes the Client’s personal data for the purpose of marketing activities, namely:
      • for sending promotional offers and notifications to e-mail addresses and/or mobile phone numbers provided by a Client
      • for researching markets (including studying the consumer habits of Clients and obtaining information about products and services, which generate the most interest of a Client).
  1. Increasing Service Quality
    PICKUPS4X4 processes the Client’s personal data to increase the service quality, namely:
      • to improve the user experience on the website
      • to conduct surveys affecting the performance of PICKUPS4X4
      • to notify Clients about changes in services and products offered, technical solutions, as well as about functionalities of PICKUPS4X4.
    PICKUPS4X4 collects three data types, namely, personal data, non-personal data, and cookies.

    1. Personal Data
      PICKUPS4X4 collects the Client’s personal data only if a Client himself/herself provided it voluntarily, by having made a purchase, documented a return or registered on Client is responsible for the accuracy of data provided.Personal data includes name and surname, phone number, address (including country, city and postal code), e-mail address (e-mail), bank account number (required to identify payments for products and services sold, as well as to refund to Clients), identification documents (necessary to fulfill contractual obligations, for example, when delivering products to authorized persons), vehicle registration number, and orders.
    2. Non-personal Data
      Anyone can visit without registering and entering his/her personal data. In that case, the only information he/she shares with PICKUPS4X4 is related to his/her visit. This type of information is called non-personal and transferred in the automatic mode through the analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Maps, Facebook Widget. Such information is only used to improve the performance of PICKUPS4X4, and not to collect personal data.Non-personal data includes date and time of visit, region, city, views, login page, logout page, last traffic source, advertising transitions, search engine, advertising system, IP address, and search history.
    3. Cookies
      To provide the high-quality services at online store, PICKUPS4X4 uses cookies. This is needed to provide a user with a more attractive and convenient use of the website, as well as to obtain analytical data and calculations used by PICKUPS4X4 to maintain the website operation (for example, how often a user visits the site and which pages, what web browser and hardware equipment he/she uses).Cookies are text files that are stored on the user’s computer or device when he/she visit the website. Such text files are not malicious. They do not contain viruses and are not bound to a person or IP address. Most cookies are deleted after a user closes his/her browser. They are called session cookies. Other cookies (persistent) are stored on the user’s computer for a longer time and help to determine when a user visits our web page next time.Most browsers enable cookies by default. You can change your security settings and disable cookies. In this case, no cookies will be stored on your computer. If you disable cookies, some functions of our website might stop working. Some pages may not be displayed properly. You can also set your browser so that whenever the website tries to install cookies, you receive an appropriate warning and decide for each separate file whether you want to enable it or not.
    PICKUPS4X4 stores the personal data of a Client while a Client uses the PICKUPS4X4 services and unless he/she demands to delete his/her personal data or unless otherwise provided by this Privacy Policy. Receipts and invoices shall be stored in accordance with local law.
    PICKUPS4X4 is entitled to transfer personal data to third parties to fulfill contractual obligations. The third parties are business partners of PICKUPS4X4, who provide and/or use postal services or render leasing and/or payment transfer services. The connection between payment systems and buyers is secured by the SSL protocol, guaranteeing that unauthorized persons cannot get access to the transferred information or change it.For the purposes of performing marketing activities, PICKUPS4X4 is entitled to transfer personal data to third parties. The third parties are business partners from whom PICKUPS4X4 purchases advertising services.PICKUPS4X4 may, for a legitimate legal interest, transfer or give away a Customer’s debt claim for debt collection purposes to third parties, and transfer the Customer’s personal data related to the debt claim to the company having PICKUPS4X4’s power of attorney (for example, debt collection companies or credit information companies).
    A Client is entitled:
    • to obtain information on the personal data processed
    • to get access to his/her personal data
    • to submit a request to correct improper/incomplete personal information or to modify/supplement his/her personal data in his/her personal account. A client is responsible for the providing correct or modified data
    • delete his/her personal data as soon as this data is no longer required or if the personal data processing is illegal, except when PICKUPS4X4 has a legal right to store the Client’s data
    • to submit a request to refuse the personal data processing for marketing purposes
    • to not give his/her consent to the personal data processing for use in direct marketing, when registering
    • to ask for limitation of the personal data processing
    • to get his/her personal data in a machine-readable format (“data portability”)
    • to make a complaint to the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate (Andmekaitse Inspektsioon) Väike-Ameerika 19, 10129 Tallinn, tel. +372 6274 135, fax +372 6274 137, e-mail:, website:

To request information on the processing, modification/correction, deleting of the personal data, as well as on limitation or refusal of the Client’s personal data processing you can send an e-mail describing the crux of your request to PICKUPS4X4 is entitled to request a copy of the Client’s personal data to identify a person. PICKUPS4X4 undertakes to respond to the Clients’ requests within 30 days from the date of submission. You can unsubscribe from newsletters and advertising mailing in your Personal Account. To do that you should login to your Personal Account and uncheck “I want to receive updates about good offers and discounts” and click “Save”.