Our products

Running Boards

One of our top selling truck upgrades. Made from stainless steel pipe 60mm / 70 mm or aluminum. For single-, extra-, or double cab. Installation to standard places of vehicle body. Side steps will protect your pickup from side impacts. Also they will improve design and can provide more comfortable entrance inside the car.

Tonneau Covers

If you want to keep items in your truck bed protected from the elements and possible theft, then a Tonneau cover is an excellent solution. Can be retractable made from aluminum or solid. Different colors. Also for different types of cabins.

Hardtops / canopies

We offer a wide selection of hardtops of different brands. You can choose any window type: pop-up windows, sliding windows, lift up windows, without windows. Huge variety of additional elements like spoiler, central locking system, roof rails, roof bars. Option of painting in car color also presented.

Tailgate Step

For big fans of pickup truck customization, a hitch step is an absolute must! Climbing into your truck bed can be difficult and cumbersome, but not when a trusted rear step is there for a firm footing.

Tailgate Assist

This truck accessory is simple, affordable, and small – and yet you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it. Tailgate Assist will gently glide your tailgate down without slamming or dropping. Custom-made for your truck, installation couldn’t be simple and requires no drilling.

Roof accessories

Especially for large or long loads, a truck rack may be inadequate – additional points at which you can tie down cargo may be required. For these circumstances, side rails or rear bars can prove extremely useful.

Bed Liner

Either a spray-in or pre-formed liner can be installed in your truck bed. This helps prevent against scratches from items which may slide around inside the truck bed. In some cases, it can even help prevent against rust. Both types of bed liners are removable.

Toolbox, drawer system

A pick-up truck toolbox made from steel, aluminium or plastic is ideal if you are transporting smaller tools or gadgets. While an extremely useful accessory for many truck owners, the presence of a toolbox can make the installation of a truck rack more challenging. If you use a toolbox in your vehicle and plan to install a truck rack.

Bed slide

The easiest way to put and take off things outside the bed.


Made from stainless steel pipe 60 / 70 / 76 mm. Can be also painted black. Protect your cabin and glass, perfect for install extra lights on.

Front Guard

To protect the front of their vehicle, many truck owners install a front guard. Bullbar or front guard protect not only the grill but also headlights and radiator.

Rear guard

Lights and light brackets

Depending on the types of loads you intend to carry in your pick-up truck, it can be useful to have the extra visibility provided by additional lights. Adding accessories to your truck is a way to customize it to make it truly your own. But more importantly, many of f these accessories can provide added protection for your truck, cargo and increased safety for you, your passengers and other drivers.

Hood guard and weather guards