• Ford Ranger T6 2010+ Lavakatte, malli Wildtrak-spoileriga

    Specific to Wildtrak Double Cab model
    Black chequer plate finish
    Stylish and secure
    Provides a high security lockable solution without the removal
    Pivot hinges, underpinnings and lock system
    Cover lifts on two powerful gas rams
    Optional transverse load carry bars for mounting cargo on the cover
    Cover can be easily removed from the vehicle when an open bed is required
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    1,750.00  (ei sis. 20% VAT) OSTOSKORIIN
  • Ford Ranger T6 2010+ lavakaarin lavakansi

    A Weather Resistant Rubber Seal

    A Secure Multi Point Locking Mechanism

    Ease Of Opening Using Gas Struts

    Simple To Remove For Large Loads

    Allows retention of Fords own Sports Roll bar

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    1,590.00  (ei sis. 20% VAT) OSTOSKORIIN
  • Ford Ranger T6 2010+ kolminkertainen kova lavakansi

    Robust alloy construction

    Allows tall loads to be carried

    Functional folding design

    With tailgate locked its fully secure

    Black leather grain finish

    Fitted in 2-minutes


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    650.00  (ei sis. 20% VAT) OSTOSKORIIN
  • Ford Ranger T6 2010+ lavakate

    Optional Central locking and interior light kit

    Optional Sports roll bar installation

    Ergonomic design

    Secure & weather tight

    Quick release technology

    Custom branding

    Sport Bar compatible

    External accessory channels

    Internal accessory channels

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    1,700.00  (ei sis. 20% VAT) OSTOSKORIIN